Contact Details of Institute Functionaries
S.No. Authority Name (Prof./ Dr./ Sh./ Ms.) Contact Email
1 Director Manoj K Arora 2753051 director*[at]
2 Deputy Director/ Appellate Authority under RTI Act Uma Batra 2753052 dd*[at]
3 Registrar (Officiating) Sushant Samir 2753055 registrar*[at]
S.No. Department Name (Prof./ Dr./ Sh./ Ms.) Contact Email
1 Head, Aerospace Engineering Rakesh Kumar 2753880 headaer*[at]
2 Head, Applied Sciences Harminder Kaur 2753251 headapp*[at]
3 Head, Civil Engineering Siby John 2753351 headcivil*[at]
4 Head, Computer Science & Engineering Sanjeev Sofat 2753851 headcse*[at]
5 Head, Electrical Engineering Tarlochan Kaur 2753451 headelec*[at]
6 Head, Electronics Communication Engineering Neelu Jain 2753761 headec*[at]
7 Head, Mechanical Engineering P. S. Satsangi 2753551 headmech*[at]
8 Head, Material & Metallurgical Engineering Uma Batra 2753951 headmett*[at]
9 Head, Production & Industrial Engineering M. M. Goud 2753281 headprod*[at]
S.No. Deans Name (Prof./ Dr./ Sh./ Ms.) Contact Email
1 Dean Faculty Affairs Balwinder Singh Surjan (Electrical Engineering)


2 Dean Academic Affairs Parveen Kalra (Production & Industrial Engg.) 2753053 deanaa*[at]
2A Associate Dean (Ph.D) & Coordinator for all examinations/ recruitment for external agencies through PEC/ in PEC Campus Sushant Samir (Mechanical Engg.) 2753053 sushantsamir*[at]
2B Associate Dean (M.Tech) along with IPR Rintu Khanna (Electrical Engg.) 2753053 rintukhanna*[at]
2C Associate Dean Academic Affairs (U.G.) along with IQAC Sucheta Dutt (Applied Sciences)


3 Dean Sponsored, Research & Industrial Consultancy Tripta Kumari Goyal (Civil Engg.) 2753054 deanrp*[at]
4 Dean Student Affairs P.J. Singh (Mechanical Engg.) 2753071 deansw*[at]
4A Associate Dean (Student Affairs - I) (Societies/Clubs) Raminder Kaur (Electrical Engg.) 2753071 raminderkaur*[at]
4B Associate Dean (Student Affairs - II) (Hostels) Sanjeev Kumar (Applied Sciences) 2753071 ritamahajan*[at]
4C Associate Dean (Student Affairs - III) (Sports) Sanjay Batish (Computer Centre) 2753071 sbatish*[at]
4D Chief Security Officer Sukhwinder Singh (Electronics & Communication Engg.) 2753772 sukhwindersingh*[at]
5 Dean Alumni & International Affairs K.K. Gogna (Applied Sciences) 2753244 deanalumini*[at]
S.No. Name of Centre Name (Prof./ Dr./ Sh./ Ms.) Contact Email
1 Head Divya Bansal (Computer Science & Engg.) 2753072, 2753073 tpo*[at]
2 Coordinator Career Development and Guidance Centre Mohit Kumar (Civil Engg.) 2753372 mohitkumar*[at]
3 H.R. Executive Kamaljeet    
4 Counselor, Personality Development Neelam Vats    
S.No. Name of Center Name (Prof./ Dr./ Sh./ Ms.) Contact Email
1 Cyber Security Center Divya Bansal (Computer Science & Engg.) 2753853 divya*[at]
2 Industrial & Production Design Parveen Kalra (Production & Industrial Engg.) 2753286 parveenkalra*[at]
3 Centre for TQM & Zero Defect Zero Effect (QCI Centre) (at inception stage) N. M. Suri (Production & Industrial Engg.) 9815564641
4 Computer Center Sanjay Batish (Computer Center) 2753911 sbatish*[at]
5 Workshop Dina Nath (Production & Industrial Engg.) 2753284 dinanath*[at]
6 Center of Management & Humanities Sharda Kaushik, Visiting Faculty    
7 Smart City Innovation Centre & Centre for Renewable Energy Tarlocahn Kaur (Electrical Engg.) 2753466 tarlochankaur*[at]
S.No. Name of Activity Name (Prof./ Dr./ Sh./ Ms.) Contact Email
1 Continuing Education Neena Gupta (Electronics & Communication Engg.) 2753656 neenagupta*[at]
2 Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Rintu Khanna, Electrical Engg. 2753462 rintukhanna*[at]
3 Estate & Works S.K. Singh, Civil Engg. 2753363 sksingh*[at]
4 Time Table R.K. Mahajan, Materials & Metallurgy Engg. 2753956 rkmahajan*[at]
S.No. Name of Hostel Name (Prof./ Dr./ Sh./ Ms.) Contact Email
1 Kurukshetra Sushil Kumar (Computer Centre) 2753912 kumars*[at]
2 Aravali Sukhwinder Singh (Electronics & Communication Engg. ) 2753772 sukhwindersingh*[at]
3 Himalaya Sarabjit Singh (Mechanical Engg.) 2753568 sarbjitsingh*[at]
4 Shivalik Arun Kumar Singh (Electronics & Communication Engg. ) 2753766 arun*[at]
5 Vindhya Padmavati (Computer Science & Engg.) 2753856 padmavati*[at]
6 Kalpana Prem Lata (Applied Sciences) 2753276 premlata*[at]
S.No. Name of Activity Name (Prof./ Dr./ Sh./ Ms.) Contact Email
1 Women, Faculty & Staff Shobhna, Applied Sciences 2753267 shobhnadhiman*[at]
2 Minority Faculty &, Staff Md. Afaq Alam, Civil Engg. 2753357 afaqalam*[at]
3 SC & ST Faculty & Staff Sarbjeet Singh (Mechanical Engg.) 2753568 sarbjitsingh*[at]
4 OBC/BC Faculty & Staff V.P. Singh, Mechanical Engg. 2753556 vpsingh*[at]
4 UGC/ AICTE/ NBA Shailendra Singh 2752857 shailendrasingh*[at]
S.No. Name of Activity Name (Prof./ Dr./ Sh./ Ms.) Contact Email
1 OBC/ BC Students V.P. Singh, Mechanical Engg. 2753556 vpsingh*[at]
2 SC & ST Students Balwinder Singh, Electrical Engg. 2753453 balwindersingh*[at]
3 Minority Students Md. Afaq Alam, Civil Engg. 2753357 afaqalam*[at]
4 Student Counseling Raminder Kaur, Electrical Engg. 2753461 raminderkaur*[at]
5 International Students Puneet Arora, Electrical Engg. 2753460 puneetchawla*[at]
6 Girls Students Divya Dhawan, Electronics & Communication Engg. 2753756 divyadhawan*[at]
S.No. Name of Activity Name (Prof./ Dr./ Sh./ Ms.) Contact Email
1 Communication, Information and Media Cell Anju Singla, Applied Sciences
Prabhsimran Singh, Computer Centre
Seema Vashishsta, Library
Neha, Applied Sciences (Contractual faculty)
2 Horticulture, Sanitation, Furniture, Electrical Installation, Telephone Exchange, Air Conditioning, Fire Extinguisher & Civil Maintenance University Engineer attached with C (E&W)    
3 O/I Guest House Kamal Kumar, Mechanical Engg. 2753500 kamaljangra*[at]
4 Central Vigilance Officer R. M. Belokar (Production & Industrial Engg.) 2753287 rmbelokar*[at]
5 CPIO Sanjeev Kumar, Mechanical Engg. 2753564 sanjeevkumar*[at]
6 Estate Officer Shakti Arora (Civil Engg.) 2753568
7 Central Purchase Officer Sarita Singla (Civil Engg.) 2753365 saritasingla*[at]
8 Condemnations, Disposal of Stores including auction Dina Nath (Production & Industrial Engg.) 2753284 dinanath*[at]


Name of committee


Members (Prof./ Dr./ Sh./ Ms.)


Standing Committee

Deputy Director



Institutional Purchase/ Tender Committee

Deputy Director

Sukhwinder Singh, Electronics Engg.
J.D. Sharma, Materials & Metallurical Engg.
Rahul Vashiya, Production & Industrial Engg.
S.K. Soni, Mechanical Engg.
Rintu Khanna, Electrical Engg.
Sarita Singla, Civil Engg.
Sanjeev, Applied Science
AC (F&A)
Indenter as Invitee for their concerned case


Library Advisory Committee

R. Sehmi, Applied Science Deptt.

O/I Libraries of all departments.
Seema*, Librarian to coordinate


Standing Committee of Senate

Prof. Siby John

HOD Electrical
One outside Senate member as per availability & 02 Experts to be associated as per requirement by Chairperson of Standing Committee of Senate.


Faculty & Staff Grievance Redressal Committee

Deputy Director

AC (F&A)
Superintendent-I (Establishment)*


Sexual Harassment & Violence against Women Committee at Workplace

Rintu Khanna

Tarlochan Kaur
Jasbir Kaur
P.K. Gupta
Anju Singla
Madhu P. Singh (Social Activist, # 106/ 11 A, Chandigarh)


Performance based award for Faculty & Staff

Deputy Director

Dean Alumni


Commercial & House Allotment Committee

Deputy Director

C (E&W)
Faculty Representative: Rajesh Kanda
Non Faculty Representative: Ramesh Kumar (Supdt.)
AC (F&A)
Convener: Estate Officer - I*


Master Plan & Space Committee

Deputy Director

C (E&W)
University Engineer*


Screening Committee for foreign travel under TEQIP


Director NITTTR
Director UIET
Prof. Sanjay Kaushik, UBS, Panjab University
Deputy Director*


Auction & Disposal Committee

Deputy Director

Balwinder Singh
Dina Nath
AC (F&A)
University Engineer* to Coordinate
SK (G) & SK (Electrical) to assist


Up-gradation of PEC to IIT

Prof. V.P. Singh

Prof. Sanjeev Sofat
Dr. Umesh Sharma
Dr. Sucheta*


Centre of Excellence


Dr. Sanjeev Kumar*
Dr. Tarlochan Kaur
Er. Dina Nath
Nominee of Sh. A.K. Taneja (BOG member)
Joint Secretary Technical Education, U.T.

*Shall coordinate/ convener of the committee.

S.No. Activity Coordinator(Prof./ Dr./ Sh./ Ms.) Contact Email
1 TEQIP Sanjay Batish 2753911 teqip*[at]
2 NCC Kamal Kumar, Mechanical Engg. attached with DSA


3 NSS Loveleen Kaur, Electrical Engg. attached with DSA 2753458 loveleenkaur*[at]
4 Entrepreneurship & Incubator Cell Sudhendu Bali, Entrepreneurship and Incubation Cell (EIC)    
5 Alumni & International Affairs J.D. Sharma 2753954 jdsharma*[at]
6 Centre of Management & Humanities Anju Singla, Applied Science 2753254 anjusingla*[at]
7 Association of Indian Universities Seema, Library 2753485 seemavasishta*[at]
8 Heritage Furniture Dina Nath, Production Engg. 2753284 dinanath*[at]
9 NIRF Ranking Sanjay Batish 2753911 sbatish*[at]
10 DBT (scholarships) ACF&A
Prabhsimran Singh
2753912 ddo*[at]
11 Court appointed inspection committees in reference to Building and allied works Roshan Lal (Civil Engg.) 2753361 roshanlal*[at]
12 Centre for Renewable Energy Jaimala Gambhir 2753456 jaimalagambhir*[at]
13 Smart City Innovation Centre Sanjay Batish 2753911 sbatish*[at]
S.No. Name of Clubs Coordinator (Prof./ Dr./ Sh./ Ms.) Contact Email
1 Speaker’s Association & Study Circle (SAASC) Arun Kr. Singh, E&EC Engg. 2753766 arun*[at]
2 Dramatics Club Arshdeep Singh, Civil Engg. 2753374 arshdeepsingh*[at]
3 Music Club Kamal Kumar, Mechanical Engg.   kamaljangra*[at]
4 Energy & Envirovision Club Har Amrit Singh, Civil Engg. 2753373 hassandhu*[at]
5 Projection & Design Club Ankit Yadav, Mechanical Engg. 2753567 ankityadav*[at]
6 Art & Photography Club Sarabjit Singh, Mechanical Engg. 2753568 sarbjitsingh*[at]
7 Rotaract Club Sudesh Rani, CSE Department 2753883 sudeshrani*[at]
S.No. Society Coordinator (Prof./ Dr./ Sh./ Ms.) Contact Email
1 Aeronautical Society of India (AESI) and Aeromodelling T.K. Jindal, Aerospace Engg. 2753883 tkjindal*[at]
2 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Har Amrit Sandhu, Civil Engg. 2753373 hassandhu*[at]
3 Institute of Electronics & Electrical Engineers (IEEE) Rintu Khanna, Electrical Engg. 2753462 rintukhanna*[at]
4 Solar Energy Society of Indian (SESI) Jaimala Gambhir, Electrical Engg. 2753456 jgambhir*[at]
5 Institute of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineers (IETE) & Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) Jyoti Kedia, Electronics & Communication Engg. 2753770 jyotikedia*[at]
6 Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) R.K. Mahajan, M&M Engg. 2753956 rkmahajan*[at]
7 Robotics Manavjit, Computer Science Engg. 2753856 manvjeet*[at]
8 Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) Sushant Samir, Mechanical Engg. 2753565 sushantsamir*[at]
9 Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) R.M. Belokar, Production Engg. 2753287 rmbelokar*[at]