Applied Chemistry Lab

B.E students perform volumetric analysis and physical chemistry experiments in the applied chemistry laboratory. Experiments are designed to analyze metal content. Volumetric analysis consist of Iodometric, complexometric and precipitation titrations. Students are trained to use instruments like pH meter, conductivity meter, different spectrophotometers (UV-Vis, FTIR) and viscometers to determine viscosity of oils.


Branson Ultrasonic Bath

Branson ultrasonic bath is used for dispersion and synthesis of nanomaterials and promoting reactions.

Thermo Spectronic (Spectronic 20D+) Spectrophotometer

Thermo spectronic (spectronic 20D+) spectrophotometer is a single beam digital spectrophotometer with a wavelength range of 340nm to 950nm. The spectral slit width is 20 nm and used for characterization of chemical compounds.

Elico Polarograph

Elico Polarograph is used to study electrolysis of solutions of electrooxidazable and electro reducible substances.

Oakton pH Meter

Oakton pH meter can be used in soil measurements, water quality and brewing industries and measure pH of all solutions.