Aerodynamics Lab

This lab has following experimental facilities:

Low Speed Subsonic Wind Tunnel

It is a sub sonic wind tunnel with maximum velocity of 20 m/sec in the rectangular test section. It is used for measurement of pressure distribution over airfoils, determination of boundary layer over flat plate, flow visualization over delta wing model etc.

Smoke Tunnel

This facility is used for flow visualization with the help of smoke filaments over small size airfoils and cylinders.

Low speed Blow Type Wind Tunnel

This wind tunnel is blow type where air is passed through it by a blower fitted in front of the wind tunnel. Its speed at exit is about 10 m/sec which is quite low .

Supersonic Open-jet Wind Tunnel

In this wind tunnel, experiments in the area of aerodynamics can be performed at Mach no. up to 2.0. it is equipped with Data Acquisition System to record the output results.