Expert Lectures and workshops organized by Electronics and Communication Engineering department, PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh during the Industry-Academic Expert Lecture week, 27th -31st Oct 2014.

Expert Lectures and workshopsorganized by Electronics and Communication Engineering department, PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh during the Industry-Academic Expert Lecture week, 27th -31st Oct 2014.




The Electronics and Communication Engineering department, PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh successfully organised a series of expert lectures and workshops onthe emerging areas of Electronics and Communication during the Industry-Academic Expert Lecture weekfrom 27th -31st Oct 2014.A total of 10 expert’s lectures and 2 workshops were organised.

The expert lectures and workshops were attended by a large number of undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students, and Faculty members. The lectures were highly enlightening particularly for the younger generation of engineers / researchers to understand the technology innovations taking place in the field, around the world. The experts invited were Dr Joydeep Pal,EPSRC Doctoral Price Fellow fromUniversity of Manchester, UK, Prof. E.G. Rajan, Founder President Pentagram Research Centre (P) Ltd., Hyderabad, Formerly Faculty IIT, Kanpur and Visiting Professor GeorgiaTech. University (USA), Mr. Navjit Singh Miglani, Technical Manager, Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd.,Mr. RandhirDhawan from Microsoft, Lt. CammanderTripat Pal Singh from Indian Navy, Mr. Pramod Garg from Mediatek, Mr. Varun Mahendru from Qualcom India Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Vikramvirdi, Director of Engineering, SmartplayConsulting and Solutions, Mr. NavneetKataria,Senior Engineer Application Support,Anritsu India Pvt. Ltd., and Mr. Siddique, NUVOTON, Panchkula.

The Industry-Academic Expert Lecture weekwas started on 27 October, 2014with an expert lecture onExploiting Linear and Nonlinear Piezoelectricity in Novel Semiconductor Devices by Dr Joydeep Pal, EPSRC Doctoral Price Fellow. In his presentation, he showed the evidence for nonlinear effects and discussed the possible applications to light emitting diodes, quantum dot emitters and energy harvesting devices. He further showed how graphene, a wonder material can be utilised as a piezoelectric material for various applications such as pressure sensors, night vision/thermal imaging, affinity sensors(DNA sensing). 

Prof. E.G. Rajan, the father of a novel paradigm Symbolic Computing in the Framework of Markov’s Constructive Mathematical Logic, has received Distinguished Scientist and Man of the Millennium Award from Who is Who Bibliographical Records, Cambridge, 2000. In his talk, he described various topics of Signal, logical image and video processing system in addition to the isomorphic map and Hilbert Space. He also presented Logical Image and Video Processing using Logical 3D Image Processing System (L3DIPS) software developed by his research group which can be used for Medical Imaging Application, CAD/CAM Application etc.

Mr. NavneetKataria threw light upon various topics including Antenna parameters, their measurement using Vector Network Analyser (VNA), basics of VNA and some important measurements performed on various active and passive components at radio and microwaves frequencies. He also offered the VNA to the students for hands on practice to measure such parameters at the end of his talk.

Mr. Navjitsingh and Mr. Pramod Kumar discussed about the wireless technology. He made the students aware of the life cycle of wireless communication and got them acquainted with the future aspects of the same. Mr. Varun Mohendru shared his experience and expertise with the students in the area of cache design. He told the students that how does the performance of cache affects the processor. The theoretical concepts of the students were further strengthened when they were exposed with the practical designing of high performance cache being used in the industry. The experts also made the students to learn about the career options as Engineers in the various other fields like Lt. Commander Tripat pal Singh presented a case study and talked about the engineering career at Indian Navy and Mr. Vikram, Virdi shared the career Opportunities with Engineering Consultancy. All the students understood the life cycle of a product as discussed by Mr RandhirDhawan.

In addition to the above mentioned expert lectures, two workshops were also organized in the department during this week. The students were also exposed to the programming of ARM processor for cortex M1 with the help of kits during the workshop on ARM Processors & PLC conducted by Mr. Siqqique. The interfacing of the processor with input output devices were also shown.In other workshop, Mr. NavneetKatariademonstrated thesignals in time and frequency domain using spectrum analyser including the demonstration of oscilloscope. He also showed the measurement of various parameters such as gain, radiation pattern, return loss etc.  of microwave antennas using VNA.

The series of expert lectures and hands on experience during the workshops were highly applauded by the students.