Expert Lecture on Electromagnetic compatibility and interference held on 13 September 2014.

Expert Lecture on Electromagnetic compatibility and interference (EMC &EMI) held on 13 September, 2014




Dr.Ajay Chakraborty, Professor, Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur visited PEC University of Technology on 11september, 2014. Prof.Neena Gupta, Head of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) department welcomed him.He delivered an expert lecture on Electromagnetic compatibility and interference (EMC & EMI), which was attended by the faculty members, ME and PhD students of ECE department.

In his lecture he explained the basic phenomena of electromagnetic interference caused due to the flow of electrical current in any transmission lines such as wires, chip interconnects etc. This interference can cause the unwanted generation, propagation of electromagnetic energy in electronic/electrical circuitry. In order to avoid these unwanted signals, our electronic devices such as mobile, laptops, etc. are need to be tested under the electromagnetic environment before the commercialisation.He further emphasized the importance of EMC & EMI measurements by giving the practical examples including the failure of computers, mobile phones, radars, aeroplanes etc. He suggested that postgraduate students should pursue their career in this area as almost all of the industries need to qualify the minimum standards of EMC & EMI measurements.