Various Expert Lectures conducted by Department of Computer Science and Engineering during Industry-Academia Week

Department of Computer Science and Engineering had successfully conducted the Industry-Academia week w.e.f 25.09.2017 to 29.09.2017. The objective was to create an interface between PEC University of Technology and Industry experts to share their domain knowledge for the accelerated growth of students especially in the emerging domains like IoT, Data Science, Algorithms, Software Development, Machine Learning, Social Networking, Security etc.

The morning session (dated 25.09.2017) started on Academic Patenting by Mr. Ashok Doppalapudi working as Innovation & IPR Manager- R&D, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Swaraj Division, Mohali. He gave a brief introduction on Human Intelligence and its correlation to Intellectual Property. The talk focused on Intellectual Property Rights, its importance, Patent act 1970, copyright act 1957, design act 2000 and the trade mark Act 1958. The talk concluded with a suggestion to create an IPR cell in the college to create more awareness among faculty and students. The afternoon session delivered by Mr. Turaga Rajendra Prasad General Manager, Data Lore Labs Bangalore, talked of Academic Trends in Data Science. The speaker introduced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Machine Vision and their role in the emerging research trends in data science. Further, end-to-end machine learning workflow was discussed with real world scenarios like user buying recommendation systems and music recommendations on you tube etc. with the help of various machine learning models. The expert talk ended up leaving students more curious and motivated to explore emerging research trends in data sciences.

The morning session (dated 26.09.2017) introduced Machine Learning by Mr. Raghavendra H M, Data Scientist, Data Lore Labs, Bangalore. The speaker introduced machine learning with real-world examples and its interdisciplinary applications under different classification schemes viz. supervised, unsupervised as well as feature selection. He explained important machine learning techniques namely linear regression, naïve bayes, decision tree, logistic regression, K-means clustering and hierarchical clustering. The evening session was delivered by Prof. S R Sudarshan, Faculty, IIT Ropar on Social Networking and Crowdsourcing with their importance in various applications. He shared real life stories to highlight role of crowdsourced data to find solution of a problem for example the transcription of three million books under human captcha crowdsourced project at CMU. The speaker shared stories of Google, Wikipedia, Two Captcha human project to highlight how crowdsourcing has been utilized in industry. The expert motivated the students to be best and ended up with importance of social graphs and crowdsourcing applications.

The sessions (dated 27.09.2017) focused on Product Development and High Frequency Trading Algorithms delivered by Mr. Mohit Rawat, BEL Panchkula and Ashish Grover, Co-Founder & CTO, U-Trade Solution, Mohali. The first talk started with a brief introduction about BEL followed by discussion on project, product, its attributes and utility with examples. The speaker highlighted the importance of requirement specification, manufacturability, maintainability, availability and acceptability of the product. The talk concluded with discussion on role of Computer Science engineers in finalizing technical specification, component selection based on memory redundancy, power budget, cost and special requirement like boundary scan. The second expert talk on High Frequency Trading Algorithm introduced entrepreneurship to students. The students interacted with speaker to share their ideas and learnt how these ideas can be transformed into business model. Incubating idea properly, focus on novelty and working of idea and believe in idea are three key concepts crucial for start-up. Further, the expert mentioned that working more on idea then raising funds is another key point. As start up work on problem, which is not well evaluated, and therefore fails at end, so evaluation of problem is also important. The session ended up with discussion of company shares, share trading and role of high frequency trading algorithms in trading. The speaker shared his own experience in trading algorithms, block chain and bit coins.       

The first session (dated 28.09.2017) focused on Computational Science, Research and Application delivered by S. K. Sardana, Chief Scientist, SCIO-CSIR, Chandigarh. The talk started with a brief introduction about science with traditional concepts followed by computational science. Further, he discussed about pillars of science which includes observation, logic data computation and GPU along with difference between data and material as well as computational science and neural science. Further, he discussed about earth cubes which can help machine learning techniques to create a 3-D model of entire planet. The second session delivered by Sonam Khare, Data Scientist, Accenture, Gurugram focused on Big Data and its generation from different sources like transportation apps, social media, credit card transactions, retail, entertainment and RFID systems. Big data analytics can be used to process large datasets to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information. Further, Twitter sentiment analysis with spark, banking credit card fraud detection, real time analytics of stock market data and genomic sequencing are few examples discussed with students. The last session on Data Sciences was delivered by Shivani Mudgal, Moody’s Analytics, Gurugram. The talk was focused on how data science and its real-time examples like minimizing the electricity theft, German sport players using data sciences to enhance their performances and importance of data science life science and healthcare. Further, tools and techniques were discussed along with applications like internet search, digital advertisement, digital advertisement, recommendation system, image recognition, NLP. The expert concluded on how data analytics can be helpful in fraud and risk analysis, delivery logistics and healthcare.

The last session of the industry week (dated 29.9.2017) focused on entrepreneurship delivered by Ajay Prasad Srivastava, Additional Director, Software Technology Parks of India. The speaker talked about different flagship program of Govt. of India like Startup India, Digital India etc.  Further, he discussed about entrepreneurlogy that includes different aspects of entrepreneurship like investor funding, public launch, minimum valuable product etc. and added that emerging field of entrepreneurship is energy, artificial intelligence, robotics, biotech, healthcare, food and water, education, internet structure, government schemes, transportation etc.

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