TEQIP III Sponsored Six Days Short Term Course on Novel Multi-functional Materials (STCNMM-2021)

TEQIP III sponsored six days Short Term Course on “Novel Multi-functional Materials” (STCNMM-2021) was organized ONLINE by Department of Applied Sciences, Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University) during 11-16 January, 2021. Dr. Sanjeev Kumar coordinated the workshop with an idea of providing deep understanding into the knowledge of novel multi-functional materials and their device applications like energy harvesting, supercapacitors, ferroelectrics, green energy cooling and device fabrication for military, space and defense applications.

Prof. Sucheta, Head, Dept. of Applied Sciences and Dr. Sanjay Batish, Coordinator, TEQIP-III were present in the inauguration of the event. Both of them appreciated the efforts of course coordinator arranging eminent speakers from IITs, DRDO labs etc. to deliver the talks on different aspects of materials science.

On Day 1, Dr. R.K. Kotnala, Raja Ramanna Fellow, National Physical Laboratoty, New Delhi, enlightened the participants with his new discovery i.e. ferrite based hydroelectric cell. He also encouraged the participants to work in this area to meet out the futuristic energy demands. In afternoon session, Dr. M.M. Shaijumon, IISER Trivandrum, delivered the talk on “Electrochemical capacitors: recent advances”. He further emphasized on the latest development of hybrid supercapacitor to meet future energy requirements.

On Day 2, Dr. S.D. Kaushik, UGC-DAE CSR Centre, Mumbai, gave the talk on “RMnO3 Perovskites: Fascinating materials for multifunctional applications”. He also discussed about the facilities available UGC-DAE CSR, Mumbai Centre and how to utilize them.  In the afternoon session, Dr. O.P. Thakur, SSPL New Delhi, delivered his talk on “Functional ceramics for strategic applications” and particularly pyroelectric device applications.

On Day 3, Dr. Dipankar Mandal, INST, Mohali, delivered a talk on “Perspective of Multi-functional Materials in Self-powered Electronics”. He beautifully explained the fundamental concepts and then discussed the various applications. In the afternoon session, Dr. Bushara Fatma, IIT Kanpur, discussed about the triboelectric nano-generators for energy harvesting. He also showed short movies related to the demonstration of devices developed at IIT Kanpur.

On Day 4, Dr. Suvankar Chakraverty, INST Mohali, delivered the talk on Quantum materials and technology: Berry's phase, SdH oscillation, Planner Hall effect with covering very basic points about magneto-resistance and  hall effect. In afternoon session, Dr. Praveen, ARDE, Pune, delivered his lecture on applications of piezocomposites and the challenges while fabricating these devices for space and military applications.

On Day 5, Dr. Gyaneshwar Sharma, TD College, Jaunpur delivered his talk on “Thermoelectricity” with emphasis on utilization of thermoelectric materials for electricity generation processes. He discussed the fundamental concepts systematically. In the afternoon session, Mr. Aniruddho Purkayastha from Radiant Technologies described the radiant instruments used for various types of characterizations for ferroelectric, piezoelectric and magneto-electric materials.

On Day 6, Dr. S.K. Mishra, BARC, Mumbai gave a talk on the topic “Competing interactions in Ferroic Materials: A Neutron Scattering Study”. He discussed the fundamental concepts and also discussed that, how neutron scattering can help the scientists to explore the structure property relationship for possible applications. In the afternoon session, Dr. Rahul Vaish, IIT Mandi, discussed on the topic “Mechanical/thermal energy harvesting for multi-catalytic applications using ferroelectric materials”. He concluded his talk with emphasis on utilization of these materials for various applications.

After the last session, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar expressed gratitude to Prof. Dheeraj Sanghi, Director,  Prof. Sucheta, Head Applied Sciences, Dr. Sanjay Batish, TEQIP coordinator, invited speakers, participants and the whole team working for the organization of this event.

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