Swayam Sevika – Contactless Food & Medicine Delivery Bot

Cyber Security Research Centre, Punjab Engineering College, Chandgarh has designed a bot which can to be used for contactless delivery of food and medicine to Covid – 19 patients in isolation wards without human intervention. Due to lack of such solutions, many of the hospitals have started placing food and medicines in a Common hall from where the patients have to collect their items on their own. This further increases the risk and contaminates the area. On the other hand, delivering food/medicines by front line health workers is a huge risk to them and increases the spread. The deployment of these bot in the hospitals can help minimise the risk of the frontline health workers of getting infected with the deadly virus. 
The bot follows line navigation path and can carry food items and medicines for delivery at different beds to patients in a ward. The robo can work in two navigation models a) as per programmed path b) path can also be set by pressing different turns
It has a 2hrs continuous battery time which means that it can last for three days without charging.  
The Robot on reaching the destination asks the person to pick up the food in a bilingual language .
Variety of Sensors have been used: When food or medicines is delivered to the patient, the bot automatically detects the load on the tray and accordingly takes the appropriate action. In case of an obstruction, the bot automatically detects the object in its way and halts.
It can carry a maximum weight of 5Kg.
Challenges Faced: The design was prepared almost a month ago, however major impediments were faced due to unavailability of electronic components during lockdown which has caused a huge delay in being able to come out with the prototype ready for testing in real time scenarios.
Team Members:
* Faculty mentors: Dr. Divya Bansal, Professor and Head, Cyber Security Research Centre and Dr. Manvjeet Kaur, Asst. professor, CSRC
* Student Team: Ansh Chawla (B.Tech-1st year, ECE student ), Shreshth Aggarwal (B.Tech.- 4th  Year, ECE Student), Ritesh Goyal (B.Tech, 4th Year, CSE student).
* Government Medical College & Hospital Sec - 32: The inputs for bot, requirements have all been given by Dr. Nishit Sawal, Neurologists and Dr. Hargunbir. They have been giving very vital inputs with respect to the challenges being faced by the health care workers in Covid infected patient wards and solutions required therefore to fight Covid-19 together

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