Short Term Course on Solid Works

A short term course funded by TEQIP III was organised by the mechanical engineering department for the institute faculty from 10/12/2018 to 21/12/2018. The course lectures and lab sessions were conducted by the professionals of SOLIDWORKS Company itself. All sessions were conducted in the CAD lab of mechanical engineering department giving live practices to the participants on the personal computers of the lab which have been recently upgraded with SOLIDWOKRS educational software. First year engineering drawing courses being offered by the department have been recently revised and this software has been formally made part of the course curriculum. M/s Ideas Design Solutions (P) Ltd a channel partner of M/S Dassault Systems developer of SOLID WORKS software delivered the course to faculty to train them teaching these courses. 11 faculty members attended this course. The course was coordinated by Prof. P.S. Satsangi. Prof. Rajesh Kanda the in-charge of CAD lab was the co- coordinator for this course.

Top Stories

Role of Geospatial Technology

Workshop on the topic “Role of Geospatial technology in smart city initiatives” was organised by Kalpana Chawla Chair. Sh. Ajoy Sinha highlighted the importance of GIS/GPS in making of Smart Cities.

Mentoring Session On PoCs

Institution’s Innovation Council in collaboration with Entrepreneurship and Incubation Cell organized a Regional Mentoring Session on Proof of Concept (PoCs). The session was inaugurated by Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi, Director PEC

Open House 2019

CDGC in association with American Express and PECOSA raised the curtains for the Open House. It is a programme that aims to exhibit the research work, innovative projects, and advanced facilities and laboratories at PEC.