Physics Research Lab

Physics research laboratory at PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh is equipped with various instruments of synthesis of materials and characterization. The department of physical sciences is engaged in current experimental physics of interest i.e. Multiferroics, Nanomaterials and Piezoceramics materials. Physics research laboratory also involves in conducting B.E, M.E and doctoral research programs. Laboratory equipment refers to the various tools and equipment used by B.E/M.E students and research scholars working in a laboratory. These include tools such as muffle furnace, spin coater, water distillation plant, hydraulic press, magnetic stirrer, PE loop tracer and LCR meter etc. The equipments are shown below:


DC Poling Unit

It is a device used to pole the dielectric samples with a maximum limit of 4kV/mm.

PE Loop Tracer

Device used to determine the ferroelectric properties of insulating materials.

Weighing Balance

It is used to measure the weight of chemicals with a precision of 0.1mg

Box Furnace

Programmable furnace with the maximum operating temperature of 1350 oC

Double Stage Distillation Plant

This is used to purify the water.

Magnetic Stirrer

The employs a rotating magnetic field to cause a stir bar immersed in a liquid to spin very quickly, thus stirring it

Ball Mill

It is a type of grinder used to grind and blend materials.

Hydraulic Press

It is used to make the pellets with the die punch. The maximum pressure that can be applied is 30 tons.

Programmable spin coater

Spin coating is a procedure used to deposit uniform thin films to flat substrates. Usually a small amount of coating material is applied on the center of the substrate, which is either spinning at low speed or not spinning at all. The substrate is then rotated at high speed in order to spread the coating material by centrifugal force.