Physical Chemistry Lab

B.E students are trained to perform experiments in kinetics, chemical equilibrium, phase, distribution law, adsorption and surface analysis. They also measure viscosities of oils with different viscometers. Absolute and kinematic viscocities are calculated using falling ball viscometer. Use of stalagmometer is done to find out surface tension of different liquids.


Thermo Scientific (Spectronic 200)

Thermo scientific (spectronic 200) is used for routine analytical studies. Wavelength range is from 340-1000nm and band width is 4nm.

ECIL Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

ECIL Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer is used for elemental analysis.

Oakton Conductivity Meter

Oakton conductivity meter is used to measure conductivity, salinity and total dissolved solids.

Perkin Elmer UV Spectrophotometer

Perkin Elmer UV spectrophotometer is used to characterize and analyze organic compounds with specific auxochrome units (functional groups). Maximum absorption wavelength is measured specifically by this instrument.