• Physical Properties of Minerals – Hardness, Lustre, Streak, Specific Gravity, Cleavage, Fracture and Form.
  • Engineering Properties of Rocks – Compressive Strength, Porosity, Water Adsorption Ratio, Density and Abrasive Resistance.
  • Geological Properties – Mineral Composition, Texture, Structure and Weathering Index of Rocks.
  • Petrography of Rocks – Identification of Rocks and Minerals.
  • The following equipment is being used to carry out consultancy work :

    • Walker’s Steelyard Balance
    • Petrological Microscope
    • Point Load Index Equipment
    • Slake Durability Apparatus
    • Rock Core Drilling Machine
    • Rock Cutting and Polishing Machine
    • Schmidt Hammer
  • Concrete/Mortar Analysis
  • Concrete and Mortar samples can be analyzed to find out cement, sand and gravel ratio.
  • Bituminous samples
  • Bituminous samples can be tested to find out their suitability in terms of degree of penetration.
  • Lubricant Analysis
  • Lubricating oils can be analyzed for parameters like viscosity.
  • Water and Waste Water Analysis
  • Water samples can be analyzed for parameters like chloride, hardness, pH, conductivity, alkalinity, acidity, dissolved oxygen, COD etc.
  • Industrial effluents Analysis
  • Industrial effluents can be analyzed for toxic elements/heavy metals like lead, copper, nickel, iron, chromium, arsenic, antimony etc.
  • The following equipment is being used to carry out consultancy work:
    • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
    • Spectronic 20D+
    • Conductivity Meter
    • Digital pH Meter
    • Polarograph
    • Viscometer (Redwood, Saybolt and Engler Viscometers)
    • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer- Perkin Elmer Lambda 35
    • FTIR Spectrophotometer Spectrum Two
    • HPLC- Waters
    • Zeta Sizer Nano 25-Malvein
Humanities Section (Management)
  • Micro Financing
  • Organizational Development